Here’s how you can start flying for FREE!


By the time you read this, I’m on my way to Tulum, Mexico for my first solo trip! And to make things even more sweet, my ticket was absolutely F-R-E-E!

I’ve lived to see the day where I can finally say I got a ticket for free and honestly the feeling is pretty damn awesome!

So how did I do it?

I took someone’s advice and finally applied for what US News named the best travel credit card; back in October of 2018.

I wrote a blog post with details about why the Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best thing to happen to my traveling, you can check it out here .

Between October and January I was able to accumulate over $900 in points by just using my credit card to pay for things I normally would with my debit card or cash. The points you redeem can be used to buy gift cards, airline tickets, hotels, put it towards your balance due, and so much more!


total points in january 2019

Before I redeemed my ticket


Of course the first thing I did was use some of my points to purchase my entire roundtrip ticket to Mexico. That’s how I got it for free!

Even after purchasing that ticket I still had a little over $700 left to use! Now that’s what I call a good deal! The purpose of a travel credit card is to enjoy the perks that come with it and I can tell you this card has endless perks!


the breakdown

Here you can see the ticket was $272 but after using a little over 18,000 pts, I paid $0!

Sabatini Ferdinand.jpg