What to do when unexpected shit happens?


As they say, when it rains it pours! This past weekend I learned something about “going with the flow” and why it’s so important. As I was in Haiti I went to see a friend that lived about 30 minutes away from my house with two of my cousins. After hanging out, it was getting late so I decided it would be a good time to head home. We met up at the Marriott so I asked the front desk associate how much a taxi would cost to get us three home. He said $60 US which is absurd! So, being with my cousins that live in Haiti saved me a lot of money because had I been alone I may have paid it. They suggested we take motorcycles (called moto in Haiti) for 1000 gourdes equivalent to $14 US . I was a bit skeptical because they go really fast and I’ve heard of people getting hurt on them. But being desperate to not be out too late and to not spend too much, we decided to take it.

shit happens

10 minutes into the ride, I’m feeling good because I haven’t lost a limb nor has either one of my cousins flew off so we’re in the clear. Right? WRONG! Following my thought of victory, it starts pouring! POURING POURING! (Seems when you use the word twice it shows more emphasis these days) All I can think about is, my wig! It’s secured but it will be soaked and tangled! Then I remember my phone is on me, my travel journal with all of my travel plans written in it and omy clothes!!!!

The driver keeps going but assures us there is noting to take cover under for the next couple of minutes. I start to feel bummed about the whole situation because it just was going down hill. But then, I started laughing! Like laughing laughing (see, did it again!) And, so does my cousins; here we are getting soaked on a motorcycle trying to make our way home. I was in Haiti for a funeral this weekend and this night, my last night I was laughing. Laughing not because I was happy about the situation but because life just happens. Often times we fuss and fight, toss and turn over things we can not control like the weather in my case when in reality there was nothing I could do to control it.

change brings opportunity

Had it not have been for the price of the taxi, I still would not know what it was like to ride a motorcycle in Haiti (adrenaline rush!). I also got to ride through some tiny back roads similar to those in Europe and crack jokes with my cousins. Lastly, getting soaked was my opportunity to be reminded that it’s important to enjoy every minute of life because not only do we not have control over every aspect of it but theres good in every situation, if you take time to see it.

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