Surviving a long-haul flight


This year was my first flight across the pond and I can now say that I survived. I mean obviously if I'm writing...nevermind. Anyways for someone who hasn't flown longer than 5 hours, the thought of flying over the atlantic for 9 hours overnight was a bit nerve-wrecking for me. Luckily, after surviving both flights (to and from) a few others contacted me asking for tips on what to do, to prepare for their first long flight. Here's what I believe helped me.

Be tired

I naturally am able to fall asleep in almost any circumstance so sleeping wasn't hard for me. But, I do know many people who have trouble with sleeping anywhere other than their beds. Being when you're tired you usually are more likely to fall asleep, so I say make sure you're tired before boarding. How? No naps the day of, do your errands, workout, don't watch the clock, and keep your body moving so naturally you'll be tired at the end of the day-when it's time to board your flight!

If you're expecting to sleep like a baby, that's a bit ridiculous if you're cruising in coach like I always am. Sitting down even with the chair reclined won't be comfortable after so many hours.

What you need:

  • Click here to see my travel pillow. I like it especially because it has a 2 year warranty, an attachable strap so you can put it around your luggage and it's washable. Unless you want a stiff neck or are comfortable leaning up against the walls of the plane (windows seat lovers) you need a pillow.

  • A blanket, a jacket or anything to cover yourself. Planes get cold with all the personal A/C's and the main A/C blowing all at once. It would suck to be shivering for 9+ hours.



Thinking ahead would have saved me the $3 I used to buy headphones on the plane. I had my old iPhone 6 headphones with the same compatible jack but I completely forgot them at home.

  • Nothing sucks more than a dying phone and no charger. Therefore a portable charger is the best thing to traveling, period. Click here to see the one I have. I absolutely love this charger! It has over 12 THOUSAND positive reviews on Amazon for all the right reasons.

  • Music: I have a student subscription on Spotify for $4.99/month. It allows me to download and listen to my music offline/airplane (when I don't have internet) mode. So no need to listen to people talking around you when you can prepare you favorites for your flight.

For the body

You will need to freshen up even if it's just a  10 hour flight and if you throw in layovers, you will definitely need it; or so I strongly highly suggest you do.

Toiletries: Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash (unless you cake your face to fly), baby wipes and chapstick (cabin pressure dehydrates you).

After taking multiple naps you'll feel drained and having these items to freshen you up can make a world of a difference especially if you're arriving to your destination in the morning

** I wore Nike's to travel because they're comfortable walking shoes, I also packed a pair of sandals to change into once I boarded the plane for maximum comfort.


If the food and the drinks are not free then I don't want them. On most long flights, thankfully they provide food to you but not all and even so you may not like what they provide you with. So, pack some snacks!

Trail mix, fruit, crackers, dark chocolate are all complex carbs that will keep you fuller for longer periods of time.

A WATER BOTTLE  - You'll have to empty it before passing security but fill it back up with water before boarding. You will get dehydrated due to the cabin pressure so having water will be helpful.

 A BOOK! - Check out some of my favorite books here.

All in all, my first long flight wasn't too bad with a little preparation. Coming back? I felt EVERY single minute of that 10 hour flight! Haha that's a story for a different day.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as they were to me. Let me know in the comments if you have your own long flight tips, I'd love to learn some new ones.

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