The truths of traveling: It isn’t always roses.


And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks — on your body or on your heart — are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” -In memory of Anthony Bourdain

If you're reading this, you must know and believe that I absolutely love traveling and whether I could do it for free or not I would ALWAYS choose to travel. But just as many things in life, there are both ups and downs of traveling so often.

For some reason we get so caught up in the joys of jumping on this plane and that plane, landing in a different city or country every month, indulging in foreign cuisine (the best part of traveling!), and so on and so forth. We get so caught up in all the fun that we forget about or even try to hide what's not so fun about traveling often.

Life goes on

Just like time, whether you're here or there it keeps moving and so does life back home when you're away. You miss a birthday, a baby arrives, a family emergency..

In my instance, I wasn't traveling but my mom was and had to have an emergency amputation done. I can't imagine how she felt going through the procedure without immediate family near. I felt and still feel terrible about it. But it's life.

It's tiring


I don't care who you are or what you do. Every frequent traveler knows that it's tiring! Like hella tiring! Moving around so often, packing, unpacking, from activity to activity, different times zones, etc. It just weighs on you. Traveling to 4 countries and 10 cities in less than 6 months has taught me just that.

It challenges you

Physically, emotionally and mentally traveling is not for the faint-hearted. You'll run into situations where you'll have to face your fears, do new things you otherwise would not have, confront yourself and or maybe someone else. You WILL get homesick. No matter where I was or how much I was enjoying myself I always had a "I can't wait to go home" moment and that's completely okay.

Traveling can be tough but that's exactly why doing so is so important to developing yourself. It changes you in positive ways and it's all because you overcame the challenges you faced. Obviously, in the moment it doesn't seem so but if you can remember to stand your ground, accept life for exactly what it is in the moment and know that nothing lasts forever you'll most definitely come out on top!

Coming home

Although I just mentioned being homesick it doesn't eliminate the fact that when it's actually time to go home, most of us don't want to leave.

One of the biggest disadvantages of travel is that you have to come home

Coming back to the real world: work, school, the same faces and the same routines. You feel completely different transitioning from having the time of your life to packing up and heading back home to anticipate the next departure. Traveling is not always the sweetest but it's always worth the trip and countless lessons.

Do you agree that traveling has disadvantages ? If so or if not I'd love to hear your opinion. Leave me a comment below.

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