The more, the merrier: Making friends while traveling


Now, we've talked about the pros of solo traveling but lets be honest no matter how confident you are everyone loves a little bit of company every now and then. I am a strong advocate of venturing out and making friends while traveling. Many of the people I talk to today, are people I randomly crossed paths with while traveling. So, how did I do it?

Announce it!

A lot of my followers live all over the US and even overseas. The best way I've found to meet up with them is to tell them I'm headed their way. The least that can happen is they can't meet up with you. But, what could happen is you do get to hangout and there you have it! You've made a new friend.


Do activities & exclusions

Whether you do outdoorsy activities such as: skydiving, zip lining, kayaking, group tours or something completely different you inevitably end up meeting new people! I've run into plenty of people while exploring the city and even tagged along with them to do some more activities.

We met these three amazing people from Alaska, in Costa Rica on a National Park Tour

Be flexible!

If you're expecting things to go as scheduled when trying to meet new people you can kiss meeting new people goodbye! It's just not realistic to keep in mind. Instead, being open minded is key to making new friends and keeping them long after you've headed back home. There's no reason why you can't tweak your plans to go on a little adventure. Even if it's not possible to change them right away, it's always worth staying in touch because you'll never know when you'll cross paths again.

Explore Experiences

Julian was our Airbnb tour guide in Paris, France. Elizabeth was visiting from the states like I was.

This is something I'm new to but so glad I gave it a try! Airbnb Experiences are activities designed and led by locals. By adding experiences to their brand, Airbnb is slowly and surely becoming the travelers one-stop shop travel destination. These experiences are all over the world, ranging from portions of the day to full day activities. What better way to kill two birds with one stone then joining a local cooking class and meeting other travelers like yourself?! Airbnb has made making friends so much more easier than anything before!

**sidenote** I'll be writing a separate blog on why I always choose Airbnb as a first resort for my travels. Be on the look out!

All in all, I love meeting new people and it doesn't always have to be so difficult. Just getting out and saying hello could spark great conversation, leading to so much more! Traveling allows you to run into to people you may not have if you hadn't left home so next time you're traveling try one of these tips and let me know how it goes!

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