How To Be A Frequent Traveler


Before I jump into this post I want to eliminate some of the myths that's I've gotten about myself being able to travel so often (People know me more than I know myself! It's hilarious!)


1. I'm rich

2. I don't have to work 

3. I don't have bills


By no means am I a travel guru or travel agent so I'm not saying these tips will for sure work for you. But, I do have a few (that have worked for ME) that has allowed me to travel often and for cheap. If one or two or all work for you then I am satisfied.

1. Where do you want to go?


Before I start looking for tickets, activities or travel dates I first make a list of where I want to TRY and go in that YEAR ( a specific month/holiday etc). I put emphasis on "try" and "year" because I like to make a list of places I want to go in that entire year and I'm flexible to change if it ends up not being budget friendly (my motto).

2. Actions express priority

You make time for what's important to you. That's true for the daily lunch dates, three nights after work you go to half off drinks weekly (half off still adds up!), the gym membership you don't use and the clothes you keep buying that you know you aren't going to wear. I can't say traveling is more important than food to me because after all this is a travel/food blog. But I compare it to something as important as food because TO ME it is. I'm able to travel often because it is a priority for me. I've made it that way. No matter what I'm spending my money on besides bills and living necessities (food, car maintenance etc.) I'm always thinking, "Man, that's about 3 one-way tickets right there". Doing this keeps me mindful of the money I'm putting into things that are not PRIORITIES.

3. Check your Work/School Schedule

I included this section because I didn't want to cater just to those that are employed. So, for the full-time students who do not work, or work part-time and the full-time/part-time employees this is for you. Once you know where you want to go, its better to know if it works with your schedules FIRST before you find a good deal and can't take it. Nothing sucks more than finding a perfect getaway for a time you won't be able to take off. So, when I was in college I took classes between Monday-Wednesday so I could travel Thursday-Sunday (see why these days are perfect in step 6). Same thing with work, I don't travel on the days I know I could make a lot of money. Instead I travel when its a slow season or slow days so I won't be missing out on money and I won't be leaving my team short handed (making me less likely to get the days off).

4. Travel Buddies


This is a touchy topic for me because up until recently I didn't have much luck with them (most said they were down but weren't REALLY down) . But that goes to show that it may take a while to find some travel buddies but you will even if they aren't from your city/state. We're at step 5 and I'm still not rich therefore, I am all for splitting travel costs with people willing to tag along because #SaveYourCoins boo! By sharing a room instead of paying it all from my pocket has helped me visit expensive places for half the cost and have money to throw on to other expenses (wine and dine myself, shopping and future travel). So discuss your plans with those that are serious and get to planning!

5. Just Google It!

Google is the most useful tool to my budget traveling. As simple as it may sound, I usually search "cheapest place to travel in ___________. That blank could be the month you want to travel, a specific season, within a state or even travel within different countries.

Websites that I have found to be helpful to me are:

Price of Travel

USNews Travel


Travel and Leisure

6. Flexibility


Of course, some plans we have we can not be flexible with. But, if you have leisure travel that doesn't have to be between exact dates, flexibility could be your golden ticket to a cheap getaway.

Playing with dates and different international airports play a major roll in getting the best travel deals. So, for instance in my case I live in Tampa, FL but not all the best deals are from Tampa. So I search Orlando, FL which is an hour away by car or Miami/Fort Lauderdale which is 4 hours away by car. If, with driving expenses it's cheaper than flying from my home city I will go for it.

As for flexible dates, it has been said that traveling on Sunday-Thursday are the best days to depart and usually to return. I know Frontier Airlines always has a sale on flights and sometimes up to 90% off on certain days. Click Here to check them out!

My favorite websites for checking all my travels are:

  1. Google Flights

  2. Skyscanner

  3. airfarewatchdog

  4. Hopper

  5. Skiplagged

And thankfully these sites (except 1) are also applications in both the Apple Store and Google Play. I suggest you download them so you could always be checking while you're on-the-go. Just like me!

Having travel constantly in mind along with these steps have allowed me to go many places within a short period of time. I encourage you to try one or all of them and let me know if it works for you. If you have your own tips on how you travel frequently for cheap (because ya girl is on a budget!), I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

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