Let's taco about Coyo Taco


Blood Orange Margarita

On a hot day in Miami, Florida if you’re given a choice between water and a margarita I hope you would follow my footsteps and choose a margarita. You can drink water after! DUH!

Coyo Taco is “the” taco spot!

The spot is small so if you drop by during a busy time (usually weekends, lunch time and evenings) be prepared to grab and go or stand to eat. But, do not let any of this scare you away! Whether you find a seat or not, tacos are always worth it and when it’s a really good tacos who cares if you have to eat it standing up! You got a good taco!

The service is impeccable! FAST is an understatement.

When they say its made fresh, I want to see it! Because my eyes so not deceive me. At Coyo Taco, you can see a sweet lady hand making your tortillas from scratch which are used for your orders as they come in. That’s what I look for when I visit a place that claims to be “fresh”. Coyo Taco passed!


Taco Heaven is that you?

Coyo Taco gets 5 stars from this foodie not only for fast service, authentic menu items but for offering to strip the corn off of the cob, making it easier for me eat! How awesome was that?!

What’s you favorite Taco Place in Miami?

location: Miami, FL

service: 5

Atmosphere/Ambiance: 4

Food: 5

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