Bon Ami Bistro & Crêperie


Bon ami means “good friend” in french. since visiting Bon Ami and I have become bons amis (see what I did there?!)


holy crêpe!

You can expect to have a variety of crêpes to choose from, hence the name. At Bon Ami you’ll find 15 different crêpes to indulge in. Pictured is a restaurant favorite, the beef stroganoff crêpe. It was delicious to say the least!

But, what are crêpes?

Crêpes are a fancy name for pancakes. There’s a twist though, they’re thinner than American pancakes (and better in my opinion). They are infinitely versatile, as savory or sweet option for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even dessert! But, crêpes are not the only thing available at Bon Ami. You’ll be amazed at the their seasonal menu that consists of delicious salads, desserts and specialty drinks.


beets salad

Pictured is one of the salads I spoke of. This beets salad was refreshing to my tastes buds and the perfect starter in the summer. I’m a goat cheese addict and the pairing of this salad with orange segments, roasted walnuts, Belgium endives and champagne vinaigrette was PERFECT.


Unique much?!

Not only is the food phenomenal but the decor is very unique and inviting. At the entrance you’re greeted by either a lovely server or your bartender of the night. Theres seating near the entrance that gives you a great view of the outdoors or if you prefer you can enjoy your dinner on their lovely patio. Pictured is one of their cute bicycle chandeliers that you’ll find shattered all throughout the restaurant.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Service: 5

Atmosphere/ Ambiance: 5

Food: 5

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