Life with less baggage: The art of packing light


is this you??

So, we've discussed how to travel frequently for the low-low but most cheap tickets have one MAJOR catch, YOU CAN'T BRING ANY CLOTHES or anything else of that matter! So I've come up with ways to take advantage of those cheap tickets by not checking in bags at all! You're probably thinking "What about all of my stuff then, Saba?!" Here's the thing, you don't NEED allof your things you need the most important ones. A lot of times, we pack 20 outfits, 7 pairs of shoes, unnecessary products and so much more. In reality do you need the 7 shoes in Nicaragua when your vacation is only 5 days long? I'm going to say that's a BIG NO.


Whether you're gone for 4 days or 4 weeks it is possible to only pack a backpack or carry-on bag but it takes some discipline. Below I'm going to give you some of my curated tips on how I pack light and smart.


Ultimately, for you to pack light you must not have a huge bag because the more space you have the more space you'll use. There is no standard carry-on for all airlines because each airline has its own restrictions. I have two carry-ons and both I've used for multiple airlines and have been successful every trip.

The Backpack: My Jansport Watchtower Backpack is EVERYTHING! It has so many pockets, super durable, many colors to choose from and very comfortable on my back.

Ol' Faithful: I know it's 2018 and I'm a bit late on the hard-shell luggage wave but my American Tourister was cheap, spacious and extremely durable.


Roll it! roll it!

Rolling has been said to be the smarter way to pack because it helps save more space. It compresses the clothing making it easier to stack and pack into small sections of a bag or suitcase. Rolling also means you can play around with filling in the gaps between certain items, taking full advantage of all the space you have. Therefore, freeing up even more space *big smiles*

To add, when choosing how many pieces of clothing to bring always refer to,


  • Be mindful of how many days your traveling consists of

  • Try to stay away from the "maybe" outfits because most times they don't get worn

  • Go monochrome-wear neutral colors that mix and compliment each other minimizing the amount you need to carry

( ex. a shirt that can be worn with jeans, a skirt, dressed up with a blazer etc.)

  • If you're going for more than 7 days bring only 7 days worth and wash once a week (who says you can't wear things twice?! *rolls eyes*)

  • Wear your bulk shoes/clothes on the day of travel leaving more space in your bag for other things.

  • Put your shoes in plastic shower caps to protect your clothes from the bottoms or if they're delicate material like my Aldo States Suede Heels .


packing cubes

There are no cons to packing cubes just go get some! Here are the exact ones I have and the one pictured above. You can use them to organize just about anything but I use my 3 to organize the things that I feel get ruffled during travel the most.

  • The Biggest Cube: All of my electronic accessories (selfie stick, camera charger, portable charger, laptop cord etc.)

  • The Medium Cube: Toiletries (lotion, contact solution, soap etc.)

  • The Smallest Cube: Everything Hair (bobby pins, comb, gel etc.)



Almost all of the large liquid bottles (body wash, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc.) you usually travel with can be downsized in TSA approved travel bottles . In many countries, especially the US allows a maximum of 3.4oz/100ml if you're taking liquid into your carry-on. Each bottle you bring must be up to or less than that and all placed in a plastic bag (hence why packing cubes are important). Some people use solid deodorant but I would still suggest buying a travel size of it because again #LessIsMore!

Packing light may seem a bit daunting at first because you will feel as if you're leaving everything behind. But, I can assure you that once you master it you'll never look back. You'll never lose sight of your belongings because its hard to lose something strapped to your back, you'll be less exhausted because you won't be carrying around as many things and you'll be able to take advantage of all those cheap flights that excluded check-in bags!

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