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about me

Hey there, I'm Saba!

A Haitian passionate budget traveler and adventurous foodie; hence the blog name (My Tasteful Ventures). I originally just traveled because I have this obsession with aviation and getting away from my real world. But, traveling has become so much more than that. Being a psychology major grad and future social worker, traveling has taught me the importance of taking part in the world around you. I have learned an immense amount about people, different cultures and even myself. All of which, I believe I may not have in the way that I did had I not choose to travel. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I'm here to share all of my riches with you, in hopes that you too will join me on traveling the world!


“define who you are, what you are, be clear on that, and meditate on that—and then live and die by that.”

-Nipsey Hussle

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